The concept behind the Massimo Serini salons reflects the brand’s approach: to offer every customer a unique experience.

Designed interiors, comfortable leather seating, the play of mirrors and lights, provide an immersive atmosphere that makes these salons a space ‘par excellence’ for treating yourself to a moment of peace and well-being, away from the frenzy of everyday life.

Every woman takes the starring role and is the centre of attention as our professional team listens to their needs, dedicating all the time they need to find the best solution for taking care of their hair, face and body.

Always to be found in exclusive locations our Studio and Beauty Corners await you at 2 Via Borgognona and 9 Via del Babuino in Rome.

Studio – 2 Via Borgognona – Rome

Corner Hotel De Russie – 9 Via del Babuino – Rome


New location opening soon